Back To The Roots: Bashkortostan

After noisy Moscow, we found ourselves in a quiet place, close to my father’s parents. I can’t visit them often, therefore I really wanted to get to Bashkortostan this year and show this republic to Miroslav. They live in a big village, and my grandpa was very excited to show us the most interesting sights. I thought that we didn’t have a lot of time, but eventually we were able to visit another village, where my aunt lives, and after that went to Ufa for one day.

DSC_5189 DSC_5197 DSC_5214 DSC_5226

Hiking with my grandfather

DSC_5228 DSC_5249 DSC_5267

A very very small village Novaya Kazanka

DSC_5270 DSC_5297 DSC_5302 DSC_5308-Edit DSC_5313 DSC_5315 DSC_5333 DSC_5351

The capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan – Ufa

DSC_5353 DSC_5357 DSC_5359 DSC_5360

How wonderful it was to go away from the modern life and run back to the place you are from…

See you soon!

English text was edited by Valentina T.

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