Little Wine Republic Kraví Hora


Recently my friends and I got into a very interesting place – a small wine republic of Kraví Hora. The true mini-state within the Czech Republic. They have their own currency, own post stamps and even passports! Well, of course, they are making wine there. After all, that is why we came there to sunny Grape Valley in South Moravia. However, we arrived too early and the wine season hasn’t started yet, the owners of every wine vault had only the Burchak (a young wine) to offer, or just said – “Come later.” After a short walk through the village we looked at one of the houses where we were greeted by a very sympathetic owner-winemaker named Tonda. He offered to try his delicious Burchak, and two minutes later we were in the wine cellar, where all these treasures were stored. Honestly, I do not remember how many hours we spent there, but we had very funny and informative talk. And one more time I’ve convinced, that Czechs are very friendly and welcoming.

DSC_7808 DSC_7813 DSC_7815 DSC_7819


DSC_7820 DSC_7821 DSC_7822 DSC_7824

Prepared for the further testings

DSC_7828 DSC_7832 DSC_7834

In Kraví Hora

DSC_7835 DSC_7836 DSC_7838 DSC_7839 DSC_7840 DSC_7841 DSC_7842 DSC_7843 DSC_7849 DSC_7853 DSC_7865 DSC_7868 DSC_7869 DSC_7872 DSC_7874 DSC_7879 DSC_7880 DSC_7887 DSC_7889

Czech Republic, October 2014

See you soon!

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