A Trip to Christmas Prague


The holidays are over, but the magic mood is still with me. The whole December was wrapped by a Christmas and New Year’s atmosphere – life around us was literally humming. The main city square was filled with people and good scents. And every time we go to the Christmas market, I was too excited about that famous Central European pastry (“Trdelník”) so I cannot enjoy a holiday program on the square to the maximum.

But my old friend Dasha, who lives in Saint-Petersburg, was planning to visit Czech Republic before Christmas. And I prepared a list of places she should see with one’s own eyes. Prague was on the first place, of course. Our two-days trip to the capital has started with a beautiful Christmas market of a plenty of sweets and hot drinks.


These shop-windows made a big impression on me. Just look at these puppets!

DSC_9027 DSC_9028 DSC_9025 DSC_9067 DSC_9036

That day Prague has presented to its guests an amazing warm sunset that covered houses located on the embankment

DSC_9037 DSC_9040 DSC_9045 DSC_9048 DSC_9060 DSC_9061 DSC_9075

A fairy evening beneath the Prague Castle

DSC_9076 DSC_9077 DSC_9081 DSC_9084 DSC_9085 DSC_9095 DSC_9099

There wasn’t a lot of people on the central streets that evening, so we could breath freer and casually saunter around the castle.

DSC_9103 DSC_9106 DSC_9109 DSC_9110 DSC_9119 DSC_9127

We decided to spend our second day in Prague by walking around the city more actively and to get to the famous park, where the Stalin’s monument was located…

DSC_9128 DSC_9130 DSC_9133 DSC_9140 DSC_9142 DSC_9145 DSC_9152-Edit

A few portraits of my lovely friend Dasha

DSC_9160 DSC_9162 DSC_9168

Thank you, Prague, for these two wonderful days, hope to see you again soon!

To be continued…

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