Foggy Winter Days In Brno


In this post I would like to combine random photographs taken during December walks in Brno with my friend. There are some pictures of the city center, Christmas market with its hot aromatic drinks and sweet pastries, of peaceful moments at the Jewish cemetery. And of course, night streets of this magnificent city – Brno.

Accommodation that we found for my friend was located on one of my favorite streets in Brno – Schodová (Stair street). It was a little, but very comfortable and cozy room with a personal WC and shower, nice kitchen and even with a TV. All that as a part of a big family house, belonging to a nice old man. You can check out some photos right here. It could be a nice choice, if you, your friend or family do not want to stay at a typical shared room hostel or in a expensive hotel. Highly recommend!


And you could make your usual morning workout on these stairs


No one visit to Brno on Christmas can do without these goodies – Trdelník and mulled wine (or tasty punch)


Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Parade

DSC_8910 DSC_8916 DSC_8924-Edit DSC_8925

view from the bell tower of the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul


languishing statues you might see during each walk around Brno


at the Spilberk Castle lookout – the foggiest December morning

DSC_9001 DSC_8997 DSC_8994 DSC_8988 DSC_8987

a perfect location for some Gothic novel…

DSC_8983-Edit DSC_8980 DSC_8971

At the Jewish cemetery

DSC_8970 DSC_8967 DSC_8957

Beer testing at the most popular beerhouse – Výčep na stojáka


quiet workaday evening…


Brno, Czech Republic, December 2014

See you soon!

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