Where on a weekend: a small town Buchlovice

buchlovice (1)

For Russian speaking people the name of this town may sound a little bit comical, but Buchlovice is a such a lovely place, so I quickly forget about this.

On a way here our bus went through Moravian hills and endless fields. We passed Austerlitz (Slavkov u Brna), a lot of small villages and towns. The mood was awesome, everyone was smiling and looking forward to Buchlovice. We got out from the bus right into the real sunny Spring! Although the weather was fine, the place seemed to be peopleless. No tourists, no fuss, just quiet and peace. We started our walk with a gorgeous palace located right in the center of the town.

buchlovice (2) buchlovice (3) buchlovice (4) buchlovice (5) buchlovice (6) buchlovice (7)

castle view

buchlovice (8)

fold with friendly, but a bit hungry goats

buchlovice (9)

walking around the palace

buchlovice (10) buchlovice (11) buchlovice (13) buchlovice (14) buchlovice (15) buchlovice (16)

going to the Buchlov castle and the Chapel of St.Barbora – 2,5 km from the town

buchlovice (17)

obstacle course on a way up

buchlovice (18) buchlovice (19) buchlovice (20)

lunch break near the chapel

buchlovice (21) buchlovice (22) buchlovice (23)

The Buchlov castle at sunset. Although this time of the year all the castles are still closed, there was a lot of people that came to have a rest on a fresh spring air.

buchlovice (24) buchlovice (25)

road connecting the chapel with the castle

buchlovice (26) buchlovice (27) buchlovice (28) buchlovice (29)

my camera did a picture of our group better than I could :)

buchlovice (30)

provincial cat

buchlovice (31)

Toward the evening, despite nice sunny day, the air has turned cold. But a cup of mulled wine saved the situation very quickly.

Buchlovice differs from the other Czech cities and villages I’ve been to. Maybe, because of this relaxed atmosphere and a Sunday quietness or because of the palace with a beautiful park. It is also worthy of note that this Czech region called Slovacko is famous by its old traditions, interesting Czech dialect and, of course, wine. I think that we have to come back here some day to see the rest of its amenities.

How to get to Buchlovice: By bus from the Zvonařka bus station to Uherské Hradiště, you have to light down from the bus on the Buchlovice, rozcestí stop. The palace is located right in the center of the town, but I also recommend you to visit the castle which is 2,5 km away (just follow the yellow tourist marks).

What’s next: crossing of the CR-Austria border and visiting the smallest Austrian town – Hardegg.

See you soon!

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