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The weather finally let us to throw off warm clothes, scarves and gloves, put on favorite snickers and get out for a long walk. I’ve been in the Anthropos park several times, but I never managed to make good photos of it. So one day after spending hours in a frowsty library I couldn’t just get back home and sit down at the computer again. My body needed a good workout and a bit of fresh forest air. As now we can stay outside with camera much longer, one warm night was enough for us to capture the Anthropos pavilion and then go through the whole route along the river. We even visited one secret place located on the top of the cliff in the end of the road. From there you can see the whole city with its main dominants – Cathedral of St.Peter and Paul and the Špilberk Castle.

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This place is a real catch for hikers and especially for photographers. It isn’t far from the downtown, but here you can feel like in the wild, with all these old trees and wood animals. The bicycle road tends from the pavilion through the whole park, so you’ll can find your way around.

brno-pavilion-anthropos-15 brno-pavilion-anthropos-16 brno-masarykuv-haj-1

The road tends close to a river and every weary traveler can go down and have a rest watching lovely ducks swimming by.

On the way you will also notice some local street artist’s paintings (another one can be seen near the Starobrno beer-factory).

brno-masarykuv-haj-2 brno-masarykuv-haj-3 brno-masarykuv-haj-9

In the middle of the route there is a cozy gazebo with stunning views of the exhibition center and the western part of the city. And if you find yourself here in the evening, you will certainly enjoy a warm sunset.

brno-masarykuv-haj-8 brno-masarykuv-haj-10 brno-masarykuv-haj-7 brno-masarykuv-haj-6

Something special for thrillseekers!

brno-masarykuv-haj-5 brno-masarykuv-haj-4

The soil in this area has shades of red, perhaps, that is why the closest hill is called the Red hill (Červený kopec).


This is the road that leads to the little secret place – a small path of land on top of the rock. If you’re going to visit it, I recommend you to bring a blanket and some tasty goodies. The place is perfect for a date or a picnic with friends. But be careful, the ascent may be a bit rapid for some people.

brno-cerveny-kopec-3 brno-cerveny-kopec-2 brno-cerveny-kopec-1

Kamenná čtvrť

brno-cerveny-kopec-4 brno-cerveny-kopec-5

The houses here are built on rocks. This wonderful place is so different from the familiar Brno, so it seems that you’re in another city, far from Moravia.

Recently they had a spring race here with a promised sausage and a beer for each participant. Ah, these Czechs…love these funny moments of local people’s lives.


Enjoying the evening sunlight and admiring the houses, we kept going right ahead. This part of Brno looks a bit like the Buyukada Island in Istanbul – the houses aren’t so chic, but obviously have something alike.

brno-cerveny-kopec-7 brno-cerveny-kopec-8

At the end of the road you will see a local church and a noisy city road. We were so inspired by this evening that we didn’t take a tram and continued the walk.

brno-styrice-1 brno-styrice-2 brno-styrice-3

How to get there: Bus stop Anthropos, then go straight ahead into the park and follow the widest road – the forest starts right there. In the end of the road there is a Nemocnice Milosrdných bratří tram station.


More stories about exploring the city are yet to come!

See you soon,

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