To Boskovice in a big company


It’s mid-April – the time for the last chilling wind. That day in Boskovice the weather was harsh, too. But a good company of nice people saved us from a complete freezing.

The trip was organized by a Russian language teacher Michal, and I wasn’t worried about anything at all. After arrival we went downtown to visit the town hall and admire a great city view from the top.

Boskovice-vylet-3 Boskovice-vylet-4 Boskovice-vylet-5 Boskovice-vylet-6

That day our facilitator Michal planned a tour of the Boskovice Jewish quarter for children with a visit to synagogue and other important places. The guide was a very nice women who quickly managed to capture the children’s attention.

Boskovice-vylet-7 Boskovice-vylet-8 Boskovice-vylet-10

Then we went to our main destination – the Boskovice castle. Along the way we decided to have a visit the local modern castle located near the ruins.


The essential part of an each trip – posing with something nice in the background

Boskovice-vylet-12 Boskovice-vylet-13 Boskovice-vylet-14

At the castle we were met by a friendly little horse who looked at us with a big curiosity

Boskovice-vylet-15 Boskovice-vylet-17 Boskovice-vylet-18 Boskovice-vylet-19 Boskovice-vylet-20 Boskovice-vylet-21

Exploring the castle

Boskovice-vylet-22 Boskovice-vylet-23 Boskovice-vylet-24 Boskovice-vylet-25 Boskovice-vylet-26 Boskovice-vylet-28

The Gothic-Renaissance Boskovice castle stands on these hills since the 13th century and continues his history with the help of people who care about the cultural and historical heritage. At the castle we met some local workers and a brave dog on a tractor. I think that with a team like that, the castle doesn’t have to worry about anything :)

Boskovice-vylet-29 Boskovice-vylet-31 Boskovice-vylet-32

An exhibition prepared for the guests of the castle

Boskovice-vylet-33 Boskovice-vylet-34

In the meantime frozen and tired us kept the way back. But these stunning flowering trees couldn’t remain without our attention.

Boskovice-vylet-35 Boskovice-vylet-42

Little Czech Japan

Boskovice-vylet-38 Boskovice-vylet-39

Great collection of black socks

Boskovice-vylet-40 Boskovice-vylet-41

How to get there: From Brno to Boskovice with a transfer at Skalice nad Svitavou. The journey takes around 50 minutes. The Boskovice castle is located in the Southern part of the city, you can get there by passing through the central city square.

The Moravian adventures do not end here!

See you soon, my lighthouses!

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