A Girl’s Daydream | Veronika

The April sun slowly goes down and a water surface in a fountain becomes a foil. I walk on gravel and the sound of my steps makes my skin crawl. There is nobody in the park, only She runs by laughing. Welcome to a girl’s daydream.

zamkovy-park-slavkov-foceni-1 zamkovy-park-slavkov-foceni-2 zamkovy-park-slavkov-foceni-3 zamkovy-park-slavkov-foceni-4 zamkovy-park-slavkov-foceni-5 zamkovy-park-slavkov-foceni-6 zamkovy-park-slavkov-foceni-7 zamkovy-park-slavkov-foceni-11 zamkovy-park-slavkov-foceni-9 zamkovy-park-slavkov-foceni-10 zamkovy-park-slavkov-foceni-8 zamkovy-park-slavkov-foceni-12 zamkovy-park-slavkov-foceni-13 zamkovy-park-slavkov-foceni-15 zamkovy-park-slavkov-foceni-14 zamkovy-park-slavkov-foceni-16 zamkovy-park-slavkov-foceni-17 zamkovy-park-slavkov-foceni-18 zamkovy-park-slavkov-foceni-19 zamkovy-park-slavkov-foceni-20 zamkovy-park-slavkov-foceni-21 zamkovy-park-slavkov-foceni-22 zamkovy-park-slavkov-foceni-23

To be continued…

Ph: Dina Kh.
Model: Veronika K.
Style, makeup&hair: Dina Kh.
Assistant: Elvira K.


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