Charm of self confidence by Elena

Lena and I moved to Czech Republic almost at the same time and were acquainted with each other by default. But only this year I had a chance to meet her and spend a few hours together with this charming lady. She is impressive, active, has a beautiful smile and an open heart. Just in one evening I’ve got so much positive energy from her that now I’m ready to take on the world. In acknowledgement of the great evening I give her these cheerful, colorful portraits.

elena-foceni-portretu-brno-3 elena-foceni-portretu-brno-9 elena-foceni-portretu-brno-7 elena-foceni-portretu-brno-6 elena-foceni-portretu-brno-8 elena-foceni-portretu-brno-4 elena-foceni-portretu-brno-11 elena-foceni-portretu-brno-2 elena-foceni-portretu-brno-1 elena-foceni-portretu-brno-10 elena-foceni-portretu-brno-5

Ph: Dina Kh.
Model: Elena K.
Makeup&Hair: Dina Kh.

See you soon!

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