Return to The Green Kingdom – Lednice


Full of energy and in anticipation of a good trip we went to Lednice – a small town not far away from Brno. It seems that my last visit there was just yesterday, but it’s almost one year since then. This time our trip team was made up of very funny and creative people, so the time we spent in the town was really special for me. And I’m happy that this year has brought me such amazing people I cant travel with.


Recently I started to meet czech cats walking the streets more often. And almost all of them are very calm and take no notice of you at all.

lighthousing-lednice-trip-3 lighthousing-lednice-trip-4

The Young Naturalists’ adventures continue!

lighthousing-lednice-trip-5 lighthousing-lednice-trip-6

Our first stop was an old orangery near the palace

lighthousing-lednice-trip-7 lighthousing-lednice-trip-8 lighthousing-lednice-trip-9 lighthousing-lednice-trip-10

There are the best conditions for shooting different rare plants with an interesting lightning.

lighthousing-lednice-trip-11 lighthousing-lednice-trip-12 lighthousing-lednice-trip-15 lighthousing-lednice-trip-16 lighthousing-lednice-trip-17 lighthousing-lednice-trip-20 lighthousing-lednice-trip-22 lighthousing-lednice-trip-23 lighthousing-lednice-trip-24 lighthousing-lednice-trip-25 lighthousing-lednice-trip-26 lighthousing-lednice-trip-27 lighthousing-lednice-trip-28 lighthousing-lednice-trip-29 lighthousing-lednice-trip-31

At a leisurely pace, we went to Janův hrad (castle) – a nice imitation of ruins.

lighthousing-lednice-trip-34 lighthousing-lednice-trip-35 lighthousing-lednice-trip-36 lighthousing-lednice-trip-37 lighthousing-lednice-trip-38 lighthousing-lednice-trip-39

We started the day quite early, so we had enough time for a walk, a dinner and even for an evening photoshoot with beautiful Antonina who already was on the blog.


The town definitely worth visiting. Despite a fact that I tried to show in my photos the major part of its sights, there are plenty things left behind. Maybe next time?


See you soon,

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