Siesta in a botanical garden with Antonina


Where else should I have taken portraits of a charming future landscape designer, if not in the most beautiful city area filled with spring scents and all colours of the rainbow? Tonya lives in Lednice, surrounded by a spirit of Czech provincialism combined with royal traditions. Perhaps that is why she makes an impression of a real lady with an aristocratic restraint and a faint smile.

My task was to capture real Tonya with her calm look of bright eyes full of harmony. The botanical garden (Arboretum in Brno) about which I wrote in my last post, conceals dozens of quiet corners allowing to hide there with a book and tea. We chose a place that reminded me of a villa somewhere in an Italian vineyard. And I am pleased to share with you the results of our “secluded” photoshoot.

arboretum-brno-4 arboretum-brno-6 arboretum-brno-7 arboretum-brno-10 arboretum-brno-11 arboretum-brno-12 arboretum-brno-13 arboretum-brno-15 arboretum-brno-16

Ph: Dina Kh.
Model: Antonina Sh.
Makeup&Hair: Dina Kh.

See you soon!

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