An Energizer Daniil with a charming mom Veronica

Veronica and Daniil – is a charming duet of a mother and a baby son. I have never received so much joy, energy and smiles, like during a photo walk with them. The weather was sunny and it seemed that Daniil recharges his energy right from the Sun. All that was left to do was to run after him and make pictures very quickly. This child has an amazing facial gesture and I think he showed us every emotion he had that day. I’m happy to share with you the results of our baby hunting.

Veronika&Daniil small-1 Veronika&Daniil small-2 Veronika&Daniil small-3 Veronika&Daniil small-6 Veronika&Daniil small-7 Veronika&Daniil small-8 Veronika&Daniil small-9 Veronika&Daniil small-10 Veronika&Daniil small-12 Veronika&Daniil small-16 Veronika&Daniil small-17 Veronika&Daniil small-20 Veronika&Daniil small-22 Veronika&Daniil small-23 Veronika&Daniil small-25 Veronika&Daniil small-27 Veronika&Daniil small-28 Veronika&Daniil small-30 Veronika&Daniil small-31 Veronika&Daniil small-32 Veronika&Daniil small-34 Veronika&Daniil small-35 Veronika&Daniil small-40 Veronika&Daniil small-42 Veronika&Daniil small-43 Veronika&Daniil small-45 Veronika&Daniil small-46 Veronika&Daniil small-48 Veronika&Daniil small-49

Wish you plenty of warm nights,

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