A golden glow in a magic forest – Oksana

Such sunny photos! And it’s not because of the Summer, but because of Oksana – my red hair girlfriend. She looks so harmonious and touching on these pictures, just as she actually is. Our last winter photoshoot was more serious and even a bit melancholy, but now there is no reason to be sad. And I’m happy to be her friend and share my thoughts and dreams with this wise girl.

Md: Oksana U.
Ph: Dina Kh.
Makeup: Dina Kh.

Oksana-photoshoot-Brno-001 Oksana-photoshoot-Brno-002 Oksana-photoshoot-Brno-003 Oksana-photoshoot-Brno-004 Oksana-photoshoot-Brno-005 Oksana-photoshoot-Brno-006 Oksana-photoshoot-Brno-007 Oksana-photoshoot-Brno-008 Oksana-photoshoot-Brno-009 Oksana-photoshoot-Brno-010

Hot hugs,

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