“Hot Hot Hot” with Kate

It’s hot, very hot outside. But it’s seems that this summer was created to dedicate it to real things we love: a loving family, friends, travelling and a favourite job. For me, this season also means a new beginning in my life and I’d like to start a new chapter with these sunny photographs of Kate.

Md: Katerina B.
Ph: Dina Kh.
Hair&Makeup: Dina Kh.

Katya-lighthousing-brno-1 Katya-lighthousing-brno-2 Katya-lighthousing-brno-3 Katya-lighthousing-brno-4 Katya-lighthousing-brno-5 Katya-lighthousing-brno-6 Katya-lighthousing-brno-7 Katya-lighthousing-brno-8 Katya-lighthousing-brno-9 Katya-lighthousing-brno-10 Katya-lighthousing-brno-11 Katya-lighthousing-brno-12 Katya-lighthousing-brno-13 Katya-lighthousing-brno-14 Katya-lighthousing-brno-15

Wish you a good fresh breeze in this heat!
See you!

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