A muse that has flitted away

It wasn’t difficult to notice that one sweet lady appears on the blog more often than the others. It can be explained by the fact that our Elvira is a very multifaceted, unpredictable and extremely charming person. Over the past year we’ve made a few different photoshoot together:

Black and white portraits of E.
Zorki / Kodak Gold – Happy Together
Capturing the silence
In the city with Elvira and my favourite one “Silent November with Elvira

Before her leaving we came together again to make some fun with a camera for the last time. For the last time in Brno, of course! I warrant when I’ll be more professional and more confident with my photography, I’ll make more interesting photographs of her.

Мd: Elvira K.
Ph: Dina Kh.
Hair&Makeup: Dina Kh.

Elvira-photoshoot-Brno-001 Elvira-photoshoot-Brno-002 Elvira-photoshoot-Brno-003 Elvira-photoshoot-Brno-004 Elvira-photoshoot-Brno-005 Elvira-photoshoot-Brno-006 Elvira-photoshoot-Brno-007 Elvira-photoshoot-Brno-008 Elvira-photoshoot-Brno-009 Elvira-photoshoot-Brno-010 Elvira-photoshoot-Brno-011 Elvira-photoshoot-Brno-012 Elvira-photoshoot-Brno-013 Elvira-photoshoot-Brno-014 Elvira-photoshoot-Brno-015 Elvira-photoshoot-Brno-016 Elvira-photoshoot-Brno-017 Elvira-photoshoot-Brno-018 Elvira-photoshoot-Brno-019 Elvira-photoshoot-Brno-020 Elvira-photoshoot-Brno-021 Elvira-photoshoot-Brno-022 Elvira-photoshoot-Brno-023


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