Behaving childish with Kate

It seems that we did our last photoshoot with Kate just yesterday, but it was months ago yet. Ah, how time flies. Now she returned to Russia for a summer, and before she left, we had just a couple of hours to try a new style for her. Something fresh and a little bit childish. There are very nice streets near our house, so I decided to move there to take a couple of portraits with Kate. Very spontaneous and unprepared photoshoot. But the results are not that bad, aren’t they?

Md: Katerina B.
Ph: Dina Kh.
Hair&Makeup: Dina Kh.

Katerinka_photoshoot-001 Katerinka_photoshoot-002 Katerinka_photoshoot-003 Katerinka_photoshoot-004 Katerinka_photoshoot-005 Katerinka_photoshoot-006 Katerinka_photoshoot-007 Katerinka_photoshoot-008 Katerinka_photoshoot-009 Katerinka_photoshoot-010 Katerinka_photoshoot-011 Katerinka_photoshoot-012 Katerinka_photoshoot-013 Katerinka_photoshoot-014 Katerinka_photoshoot-015 Katerinka_photoshoot-016 Katerinka_photoshoot-017 Katerinka_photoshoot-018

Have a fresh days and hot nights!

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