Keep smiling with Alina

For the first time I met charming Alina back in 2011 when I just started to adapting here in Brno. For me she has always been a strong girl with pointed wit, surprising straightforwardness and such admirable self-confidence. In addition to these qualities, Alina is a huge animal lover who trusted us to see after her cat last year. It was a spontaneous idea to take a few portraits in this heat, but these quick and funny photoshoots are exactly what I’m needing now.

Md: Alina S.
Ph: Dina Kh.
Hair&Makeup: Dina Kh.

Alina_photoshoot-021 Alina_photoshoot-022 Alina_photoshoot-023 Alina_photoshoot-024 Alina_photoshoot-025 Alina_photoshoot-026 Alina_photoshoot-027 Alina_photoshoot-028 Alina_photoshoot-029 Alina_photoshoot-030 Alina_photoshoot-031 Alina_photoshoot-032 Alina_photoshoot-033 Alina_photoshoot-034 Alina_photoshoot-019 Alina_photoshoot-035 Alina_photoshoot-036 Alina_photoshoot-020 Alina_photoshoot-037 Alina_photoshoot-038

See you!

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