The Portrait of Vova

Vova has an incredibly charismatic and vivid personality with a great sense of humor. When we first met I had a feeling that I had already knew him. Maybe something in his manners seemed familiar to me, maybe it was just a game of my sense. Over the past few months we’ve shared so many great experiences together, and all of them will stay in my memory for a long time. In May we found ourselves in the XIX century, in June we travelled together in the beginning of the XX century and into our 90s most recently, but there were meetings, walks and tea-parties between these funny historic reenactments. And I’m really happy that I met him one year ago. Well, here are a couple of photos of this gentlemen …

Vova-photoshoot-Brno-001 Vova-photoshoot-Brno-002 Vova-photoshoot-Brno-003 Vova-photoshoot-Brno-004 Vova-photoshoot-Brno-005 Vova-photoshoot-Brno-006 DSC_8569-Edit Vova-photoshoot-Brno-008 Vova-photoshoot-Brno-009 Vova-photoshoot-Brno-010

It’s already my favourite month August outside, so more beautiful things are coming. Stay tuned!

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