Before Sunset | Felix and Sabina

Even before an acquaintance with this couple I knew they are very friendly and we will definitely be on the same wave. And my expectations, unsurprisingly, was fully satisfied. Sabina came to Brno for a study a long time ago, Felix moved here two years ago, and Brno was the place their hearts have met each other. Our photoshoot wasn’t even felt like a photoshoot, rather like a pleasant walk with good friends. Hope we will meet again without camera and will be able to continue our conversation that went so easy and natural. Guys, thank you for entrusting me to capture your love, you are the sweetest couple!

Felix_Sabina_lighthousing-001 Felix_Sabina_lighthousing-002 Felix_Sabina_lighthousing-003 Felix_Sabina_lighthousing-004 Felix_Sabina_lighthousing-005 Felix_Sabina_lighthousing-006 Felix_Sabina_lighthousing-007 Felix_Sabina_lighthousing-008 Felix_Sabina_lighthousing-009 Felix_Sabina_lighthousing-010 Felix_Sabina_lighthousing-011 Felix_Sabina_lighthousing-012 Felix_Sabina_lighthousing-013 Felix_Sabina_lighthousing-014 Felix_Sabina_lighthousing-015 Felix_Sabina_lighthousing-016 Felix_Sabina_lighthousing-017 Felix_Sabina_lighthousing-018 Felix_Sabina_lighthousing-019 Felix_Sabina_lighthousing-020

Wish you warm nights with warming hugs ;)

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