In harmony with nature | Marketa

This hot summer has begun with a very funny boho photoshoot with Marketa. Then we decided to continue our collaboration and make some photographs at a local dam lake where we’ve found a little hidden place of a beach, so nobody would disturb us.

Model: Marketa S.
Ph: Dina Kh.
Makeup: Dina Kh.

Marketa_photoshoot_brno-005 Marketa_photoshoot_brno-007 Marketa_photoshoot_brno-008 Marketa_photoshoot_brno-006 Marketa_photoshoot_brno-0011 Marketa_photoshoot_brno-002 Marketa_photoshoot_brno-0031 Marketa_photoshoot_brno-004 Marketa_photoshoot_brno-015 Marketa_photoshoot_brno-014 Marketa_photoshoot_brno-016 Marketa_photoshoot_brno-009 Marketa_photoshoot_brno-010 Marketa_photoshoot_brno-011 Marketa_photoshoot_brno-012 Marketa_photoshoot_brno-013

Have a lovely September, dear friends!

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