Summer evening with Kristýna

August this year turned out to be full of energy, new places and people. I hadn’t enough time to dedicate it to my blog and portfolio more or less properly. A lot of photos I’ve made were waiting for the right moment, including this photoshoot with Kristýna. But Autumn for me was always a season of high level self-organisation and concentration, and now I’m trying to come back to my favourite routine with the blog and post something interesting at least twice a week.

Back on this story, first time I met Kristýna on the main city square, when she came to me and asked to be a makeup model for her. Kristýna works for a famous cosmetic company and does it very professionally, as I found out later when she did a lovely makeup look on me. What’s more interesting, after I came home the day we met, I remembered that I saw her photos in my talented classmate Václav’s portfolio. The world is a small town indeed.

Md: Kristýna P.
Ph: Dina Kh.
Makeup: Dina Kh.

Kristyna_foceni_brno-001 Kristyna_foceni_brno-002 Kristyna_foceni_brno-003 Kristyna_foceni_brno-004 Kristyna_foceni_brno-005 Kristyna_foceni_brno-006 Kristyna_foceni_brno-007 Kristyna_foceni_brno-008 Kristyna_foceni_brno-009 Kristyna_foceni_brno-010 Kristyna_foceni_brno-011 Kristyna_foceni_brno-012 Kristyna_foceni_brno-013 Kristyna_foceni_brno-014 Kristyna_foceni_brno-015 Kristyna_foceni_brno-016 Kristyna_foceni_brno-017 Kristyna_foceni_brno-018 Kristyna_foceni_brno-019 Kristyna_foceni_brno-020 Kristyna_foceni_brno-021 Kristyna_foceni_brno-022 Kristyna_foceni_brno-023 Kristyna_foceni_brno-024 Kristyna_foceni_brno-025 Kristyna_foceni_brno-026 Kristyna_foceni_brno-027

Have a sweet September, friends!

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