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It’s hard to believe that our last trip to this lovely town was in spring 2015. How many things have changed since then, but the place keeps his unique magic with a dignity no matter what happens around. One walk in its palace park with quiet corners worths many trips to more famous tourist places. Especially in a company of a close friend.

We didn’t plan this trip to be long, because our main goal was to make photos with one nice couple and then come back to Brno in a few hours. But the weather was extremely lovely, so me and my friend Dasha decided to stay in Buchlovice for a whole day. See below what Buchlovice can offer you when there are no tourists except you…

Buchlovice_october_15-001 Buchlovice_october_15-002 Buchlovice_october_15-003 Buchlovice_october_15-004 Buchlovice_october_15-005 Buchlovice_october_15-006 Buchlovice_october_15-007 Buchlovice_october_15-008 Buchlovice_october_15-009 Buchlovice_october_15-010 Buchlovice_october_15-011 Buchlovice_october_15-012 Buchlovice_october_15-013 Buchlovice_october_15-014 Buchlovice_october_15-015 Buchlovice_october_15-017 Buchlovice_october_15-019 Buchlovice_october_15-020 Buchlovice_october_15-021 Buchlovice_october_15-022 Buchlovice_october_15-023 Buchlovice_october_15-024 Buchlovice_october_15-025 Buchlovice_october_15-026 Buchlovice_october_15-027 Buchlovice_october_15-028 Buchlovice_october_15-029 Buchlovice_october_15-030 Buchlovice_october_15-031 Buchlovice_october_15-032 Buchlovice_october_15-033 Buchlovice_october_15-034

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