English calmness with Italian charm | Matteo

I’ve met this charming guy in June at a retro party orginized by our matual friend. And after a few minutes I’ve already knew that he is a man with a very kind heart, furthermore, he loves cats (that makes everyone interesting in my eyes). Watch out, Prague girls, he walks somewhere near to you!

Matteo_foceni_lighthousing-001 Matteo_foceni_lighthousing-002 Matteo_foceni_lighthousing-003 Matteo_foceni_lighthousing-004 Matteo_foceni_lighthousing-005 Matteo_foceni_lighthousing-006 Matteo_foceni_lighthousing-007 Matteo_foceni_lighthousing-008 Matteo_foceni_lighthousing-009 Matteo_foceni_lighthousing-010 Matteo_foceni_lighthousing-011 Matteo_foceni_lighthousing-012 Matteo_foceni_lighthousing-013

Have a sweet November, friends!

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