Escaping to autumn Austerlitz

Slavkov u Brna (or as it is better known around the world – Austerlitz) is a wonderful place where I’m keeping coming back to. This small Moravian town doesn’t have a lot of inhabitants or some unique architectural buildings, but just one important historical event was enough to make this place famous.

We went there in September together with Dima and Olesya, and this small journey was a continuation of our Prague friend’s weekend in Moravia. I wrote about the first day with Dima here.


The streets were empty and very quiet that day.

Lighthousing_brno-002 Lighthousing_brno-003 Lighthousing_brno-004 Lighthousing_brno-005

Baroque Slavkov castle, where an armistice between Austria and France was signed in 1805.

Lighthousing_brno-006 Lighthousing_brno-007

As recently as yesterday the park was full of tourists, now it looks desert, but even prettier and magnetic.

Lighthousing_brno-008 Lighthousing_brno-009 Lighthousing_brno-010 Lighthousing_brno-011 Lighthousing_brno-012 Lighthousing_brno-013 Lighthousing_brno-014

Now each my trip is documented with a help of a simple zoom lens by Nikon, and I’ve got a chance to show you more. For example, my favourite shoes from “Bata”.

Lighthousing_brno-015 Lighthousing_brno-016 Lighthousing_brno-017 Lighthousing_brno-018 Lighthousing_brno-019

An old oak and acorns: I liked to collect acorns when I was a child, but then we moved to the North and I forgot how beautiful these trees are until I moved to Czech Republic and saw them again.


Tactual sensations are the most important to-do each time I’m at some old place.

Lighthousing_brno-021 Lighthousing_brno-022 Lighthousing_brno-023 Lighthousing_brno-024 Lighthousing_brno-025 Lighthousing_brno-026 Lighthousing_brno-027 Lighthousing_brno-028 Lighthousing_brno-029 Lighthousing_brno-030

Three people with different lives and tempers. One good trip with a coffee and a pleasant conversation.

Lighthousing_brno-031 Lighthousing_brno-032

We decided to extend this tourist day with a walk to “Kravi hora” in Brno. In Autumn this place is much fotogenic.

Lighthousing_brno-033 Lighthousing_brno-034 Lighthousing_brno-035 Lighthousing_brno-036 Lighthousing_brno-037 Lighthousing_brno-038 Lighthousing_brno-039 Lighthousing_brno-040 Lighthousing_brno-041 Lighthousing_brno-043

With my friend Katya.


I will remember this warm season forever, but more interesting and exciting things are waiting for us.
Thanks to Dima and Olesya for making me a company on this wonderful trip to Austerlitz. See you next time!

Wish you all a good month with bright mornings and warm evenings!

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