In the 60s mood | Tatiana

As I wrote earlier, our photoshoot with Tanya has split in two different parts. The first one was more romantic, the second is more challenging. It was freezing outside and after shooting about half an hour in this truly autumn weather we hid in a warm cafe called “Falk” located nearby the Faculty of Philosophy. I’ve always liked this place because of its cozy creative atmosphere. After a cup of hot coffee it was much exciting to continue our photo evening, and I’m pleased to share with you the results.

Ph: Dina
Model, style: Tatiana
Makeup&Hair: Veronika Mykolenko

Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-033 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-034 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-035 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-036 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-037 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-038 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-039 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-040 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-041 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-042 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-043 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-044 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-045 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-046 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-047 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-048 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-049 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-051 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-052 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-053 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-054 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-055 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-056 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-057 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-058 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-059 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-060 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-061 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-062 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-063

See you soon!

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