In Autumn’s arms | Tatiana

Tanya is a truly amazing girl: she has a charming nature with a childishly sincere smile, with her it was easy to talk about both serious and ordinary things. Therefore, to spend a day in her company was a real pleasure. Our Saturday shooting has randomly split into two completely different series, in which we used different styles of clothes, makeup and hair. Many thanks goes to talented Veronika who made makeup&hair for a model. In this blog post I decided to show you only the first part of our photoshoot – as warm and cozy as Czech autumn.

Ph: Dina
Model, style: Tatiana
Makeup&Hair: Veronika Mykolenko

Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-001 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-002 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-003 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-004 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-005 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-006 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-008 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-009 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-010 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-011 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-012 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-013 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-014 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-015 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-016 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-017 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-018 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-019 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-020 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-021 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-022 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-023 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-024 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-025 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-026 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-027 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-029 Tanya_lighthousing_foceni-030

See you soon!

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