Miss Daria K.

In appearance, Dasha seems to be fragile like a glass, but there is an energy emanating from her that makes you sure that this girl is actually very strong and motivated.

We met in Spring 2015 at a Russian meeting in Brno, and after a few minutes of chatting with her I felt we are on the same wave. Since then we’ve tried to cultivate our acquaintance and even went on a small trip to Lysice together. But from the first moment I saw her I already knew that she would be my model one day. And there it is! Finally. Very simple and minimalistic style, quiet location and a pair of beautiful blue eyes.

Md: Daria K.
Ph: Dina Kh.
Makeup: Dina Kh.

Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-001 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-002 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-003 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-004 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-005 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-006 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-007 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-008 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-009 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-010 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-011 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-012 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-013 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-014 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-015 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-016 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-017 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-019 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-023 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-024 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-025 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-026 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-027 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-028 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-029 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-030 Daria_photoshoot_lighthousing-031

Keep shining,

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