When a friend is on a visit | Autumn Brno

October 2015 was a truly valuable and memorable month: my friend Dasha was on a visit again, and all this felt like I was back to my sixteen years old self, when I’ve used to spend with her every day of my life acting a fool, falling in love, making amateur photoshoots and even learning drawing. Now 10 years later we are still ready to spend a whole day outside exploring the city and buying sweets.

About our previous journeys in 2014:
Vienna and Bratislava

I’m inviting you to join me in remembering this wonderful autumn days in Brno. I think it’s impossible to not fall in love with this city in autumn 🍂

Brno_with_dasha-001 Brno_with_dasha-002 Brno_with_dasha-003 Brno_with_dasha-004 Brno_with_dasha-005 Brno_with_dasha-006 Brno_with_dasha-007 Brno_with_dasha-008 Brno_with_dasha-009 Brno_with_dasha-010 Brno_with_dasha-011 Brno_with_dasha-012 Brno_with_dasha-013 Brno_with_dasha-014 Brno_with_dasha-015 Brno_with_dasha-016 Brno_with_dasha-017 Brno_with_dasha-018 Brno_with_dasha-019 Brno_with_dasha-020 Brno_with_dasha-021 Brno_with_dasha-022 Brno_with_dasha-023 Brno_with_dasha-024 Brno_with_dasha-025 Brno_with_dasha-026 Brno_with_dasha-027 Brno_with_dasha-028 Brno_with_dasha-029 Brno_with_dasha-030 Brno_with_dasha-031 Brno_with_dasha-032 Brno_with_dasha-033 Brno_with_dasha-034

See you soon!

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