A real elf of the modern world | Šárka

I’ve made an acquaintance of Šárka with input from our good friend Radka, who always supported me in my photography activities and started to recommend me to her own friend, which is very nice of her. With Šárka we found a common ground in a few minutes after we first met. The whole photoshoot felt like a walk with a good friend; we talked about everything without feeling uncomfortable or constrained.

This pretty girl works in the medical field and leads a very active life: participates in different marathons, travels to Latin America, tastes insect recipes and, how it seemed to me, is always open to new unusual challenges. However, she remains a very modest girl, who isn’t accustomed to tell everyone about her multiple achievements and interests.

Sarka_dina_khusainova-001 Sarka_dina_khusainova-002 Sarka_dina_khusainova-003 Sarka_dina_khusainova-004 Sarka_dina_khusainova-005 Sarka_dina_khusainova-006 Sarka_dina_khusainova-007 Sarka_dina_khusainova-008 Sarka_dina_khusainova-009 Sarka_dina_khusainova-010 Sarka_dina_khusainova-011 Sarka_dina_khusainova-012 Sarka_dina_khusainova-013 Sarka_dina_khusainova-014 Sarka_dina_khusainova-015 Sarka_dina_khusainova-016 Sarka_dina_khusainova-017 Sarka_dina_khusainova-018 Sarka_dina_khusainova-021 Sarka_dina_khusainova-022

See you soon, dear friend!

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