In the quiet of home | Yekaterina

Katya has recently become my current muse, who comes fly to me every time in a different character and mood. Tomorrow we’re going to shoot something new, but still very gentle and feminine, and I’m sure that Katya will show me another one great side of her temperament.

This series of portraits was taken in her flat and on stairs in the same house. The last location looked like a finished photo studio with decorations, one great light and a romantic atmosphere. It’s beautiful, it’s free and it’s easy to shoot in. No more excuses 😉

Katerina_lighthousing_foto-001 Katerina_lighthousing_foto-002 Katerina_lighthousing_foto-003 Katerina_lighthousing_foto-004 Katerina_lighthousing_foto-005 Katerina_lighthousing_foto-007 Katerina_lighthousing_foto-008 Katerina_lighthousing_foto-009 Katerina_lighthousing_foto-010 Katerina_lighthousing_foto-012 Katerina_lighthousing_foto-013 Katerina_lighthousing_foto-014 Katerina_lighthousing_foto-015 Katerina_lighthousing_foto-016 Katerina_lighthousing_foto-017 Katerina_lighthousing_foto-018 Katerina_lighthousing_foto-019 Katerina_lighthousing_foto-020 Katerina_lighthousing_foto-021 Katerina_lighthousing_foto-022 Katerina_lighthousing_foto-023 Katerina_lighthousing_foto-025 Katerina_lighthousing_foto-024

See you soon!

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