The meeting point – Moscow

In October 2015 I was lucky to spend two days in Moscow with my friends, who currently live in different cities (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Khanty-Mansiysk). And it’s unbelievable how in a modern world we can still be together despite distances. My last visit to Moscow was literally HOT, together with Miro we survived those sunny days in the city, but I’d never come back here in Summer, although Summer in Brno wasn’t much better 😃.

Are you prepared for a lot of photos? Here they are. Сolourful Moscow in Autumn.


Evening city

moscow_lighthousing-002 moscow_lighthousing-003

Moscow-city is a modern business district in a downtown.

moscow_lighthousing-004 moscow_lighthousing-006 moscow_lighthousing-007 moscow_lighthousing-008 moscow_lighthousing-009 moscow_lighthousing-010 moscow_lighthousing-011 moscow_lighthousing-012 moscow_lighthousing-013 moscow_lighthousing-014 moscow_lighthousing-015

Buckwheat The Great

moscow_lighthousing-016 moscow_lighthousing-017 moscow_lighthousing-018 moscow_lighthousing-019 moscow_lighthousing-020 moscow_lighthousing-021 moscow_lighthousing-022

To the Kremlin in Izmailovo

moscow_lighthousing-023 moscow_lighthousing-024 moscow_lighthousing-025 moscow_lighthousing-026 moscow_lighthousing-027 moscow_lighthousing-028 moscow_lighthousing-029 moscow_lighthousing-030 moscow_lighthousing-031 moscow_lighthousing-032 moscow_lighthousing-033 moscow_lighthousing-034 moscow_lighthousing-035 moscow_lighthousing-036 moscow_lighthousing-037 moscow_lighthousing-038 moscow_lighthousing-039 moscow_lighthousing-040 moscow_lighthousing-041 moscow_lighthousing-042 moscow_lighthousing-043 moscow_lighthousing-044 moscow_lighthousing-045 moscow_lighthousing-046 moscow_lighthousing-047 moscow_lighthousing-048

Thank you, dear friends, for these few hours of happiness, and I hope we would get another chance to meet each other soon!

By the way, this “small” blog post gives birth to a whole set of posts about my Autumn trip back home, so stay tuned. See you soon, friends!


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