Cherish moments | Milotice

I completely forgot about this series of portraits of me, although some photos from time to time appear as my profile pictures in social networks or on a photographer’s (who is also my friend Asya) FB page. That cloudy day started in Brno, with having a breakfast outdoors and waiting for my darling photographer. Then we moved to Milotice castle where we were going to make these portraits. All that felt more like a pleasant walk with friends, maybe that is why I look natural and relaxed on the photos. Thank you, Asya, that you gave me an opportunity to be a model for a few hours. It was an amazing day with an amazing ending!

Milotice_lighthousing-001 Milotice_lighthousing-002 Milotice_lighthousing-003 Milotice_lighthousing-004 Milotice_lighthousing-005 Milotice_lighthousing-006 Milotice_lighthousing-007 Milotice_lighthousing-008 Milotice_lighthousing-009 Milotice_lighthousing-010 Milotice_lighthousing-011 Milotice_lighthousing-012 Milotice_lighthousing-013 Milotice_lighthousing-014 Milotice_lighthousing-015 Milotice_lighthousing-016 Milotice_lighthousing-017 Milotice_lighthousing-018

See you soon!

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