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This Autumn was busy with events, new acquaintances and little, but interesting, adventures. And all that happened just because I said to oneself that I’m not going to limit my photography to one type of objects I’d like to shoot, because it’s too soon for me to choose something concrete and not trying other things in this giant field of art. The couple photography was on of the things I wanted to try to do better. And now with no regret I’m sharing with you one of the couple series I’ve made this Autumn.

Romain and Yulia are two lovely people, who grew up in different countries, but met each other here in Czech Republic, and it was a real pleasure to spend a time with them preparing for the photoshoot and making photos afterwards.

Ramen&Yulia_Brno-001 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-002 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-003 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-004 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-005 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-006 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-007 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-008 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-009 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-010 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-011 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-012 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-013 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-014 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-015 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-016 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-017 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-019 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-021 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-023 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-024 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-025 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-027 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-028 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-029 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-030 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-031 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-033 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-034 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-036 Ramen&Yulia_Brno-037

See you soon!

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