Overwhelmed with a positive energy with Katya, Ivo and Troya

“Like will to like”, – it is common to hear this thing from people, when you’re wondering why happened what had happened, or why you are surrounded by specific people. And now I finally understand, that every person I recently met is exactly what I was expecting from The Universe.

This couple was exactly the case. Ivo and Katherine wrote me, that they would like to participate in an unpaid photoshoot I offered on my Facebook page, and when I saw their photos, I’ve already knew it would me a nice day and a nice shooting. For a location I choose the Buchlovice castle (see my last year post about this place), because there is the only quiet palace garden near Brno, and none of them were in Buchlovice before, so we could kill two birds with one stone and even to play a little bit with their lovely dog Troya.

Ivo&Katerina_dina_khusainova-001 Ivo&Katerina_dina_khusainova-002 Ivo&Katerina_dina_khusainova-003 Ivo&Katerina_dina_khusainova-004 Ivo&Katerina_dina_khusainova-005 Ivo&Katerina_dina_khusainova-006 Ivo&Katerina_dina_khusainova-007 Ivo&Katerina_dina_khusainova-008 Ivo&Katerina_dina_khusainova-009 Ivo&Katerina_dina_khusainova-010 Ivo&Katerina_dina_khusainova-011 Ivo&Katerina_dina_khusainova-012 Ivo&Katerina_dina_khusainova-013 Ivo&Katerina_dina_khusainova-014 Ivo&Katerina_dina_khusainova-017 Ivo&Katerina_dina_khusainova-018 Ivo&Katerina_dina_khusainova-019 Ivo&Katerina_dina_khusainova-020 Ivo&Katerina_dina_khusainova-021 Ivo&Katerina_dina_khusainova-022 Ivo&Katerina_dina_khusainova-023 Ivo&Katerina_dina_khusainova-024 Ivo&Katerina_dina_khusainova-025

Another post about how the day in Buchlovice continued you can find here.

See you soon!

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