Portraits of two photographers

We met with Yirka (Jirka) in October 2015, but before that I followed their page (his and Charlota’s) on FB for about a year and admired it. They do very bright and emotional wedding and family photographs, which you wouldn’t see here in Brno often. And one day he called me into studio to make some quick portraits of each other. These are our results…

2foto on Facebook
2foto website

star_studio_lighthousing-010 star_studio_lighthousing-011 star_studio_lighthousing-012 star_studio_lighthousing-013 star_studio_lighthousing-001 star_studio_lighthousing-002 star_studio_lighthousing-003 star_studio_lighthousing-004 star_studio_lighthousing-005 star_studio_lighthousing-006 star_studio_lighthousing-007 star_studio_lighthousing-008 star_studio_lighthousing-009

See you soon!

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