The soul of a poet | Martin

We met with Martin on Facebook a few months ago. Actually, he wrote me a message first and asked if I don’t mind to be a model for him. This, I have to say, surprised me a lot, because I’ve never been the person, who stands in front of the camera very often. But later, when we met in real life, I figured out, that it would be very comfortable to let him to make portraits of me. Martin is a very curious, funny guy and has an interesting character, so it wasn’t that difficult to find many things we have in common, and after one meeting we’ve been already photographing each other at Stránská skála. It is a place, where I love to make photos no matter the concept is. It always looks different on photos.

Martin_dina_khusainova-011 Martin_dina_khusainova-012 Martin_dina_khusainova-013 Martin_dina_khusainova-014 Martin_dina_khusainova-015 Martin_dina_khusainova-016 Martin_dina_khusainova-017

And these are from our last walk in the woods (Wilsonův les).

Martin_dina_khusainova-001 Martin_dina_khusainova-002 Martin_dina_khusainova-003 Martin_dina_khusainova-004 Martin_dina_khusainova-005 Martin_dina_khusainova-006 Martin_dina_khusainova-007 Martin_dina_khusainova-008 Martin_dina_khusainova-009 Martin_dina_khusainova-010

See you soon!

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