A foggy morning in the company of Alyona

An acquaintance with Alyona was one of the most significant this Winter. Even though we have a lot of friends in common, we’ve never got a chance to meet up. Until then, when I came to prepare her for a photoshoot she booked. This lovely girl with an innocent smile and deep bright eyes endeared herself to me from the moment I saw her. It turned out that she lived on the same street in Yekaterinburg as my grandmother and my relatives, so we talked a little bit about the city and our lives in Russia while preparing for the photoshoot. After cups of tea, sweets, talks and makeups we went to Anthropos park which turns into a mysterious forest every Winter. And I think, fog always makes a great background for outdoor portraits, because it can separate a good person standing in front of me from distraсtive things around. See what we’ve managed to do together.

Alyona_dina_khusainova-001 Alyona_dina_khusainova-002 Alyona_dina_khusainova-003 Alyona_dina_khusainova-004 Alyona_dina_khusainova-005 Alyona_dina_khusainova-006 Alyona_dina_khusainova-007 Alyona_dina_khusainova-008 Alyona_dina_khusainova-009 Alyona_dina_khusainova-010 Alyona_dina_khusainova-011 Alyona_dina_khusainova-012 Alyona_dina_khusainova-013 Alyona_dina_khusainova-014 Alyona_dina_khusainova-015 Alyona_dina_khusainova-016 Alyona_dina_khusainova-017 Alyona_dina_khusainova-018 Alyona_dina_khusainova-019 Alyona_dina_khusainova-020 Alyona_dina_khusainova-021 Alyona_dina_khusainova-022 Alyona_dina_khusainova-023 Alyona_dina_khusainova-024

See you soon!

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