Cozy Karel and Svetlana

We met Karel and Sveta last summer, when the air outside was hot like in a sauna, and our days off were filled with endless walks and cozy evenings with friends. Although summer isn’t my favourite time of the year, the most important things had happened to me exactly in summer. That is why all the memories still seem so bright and clear. This is the case of acquaintance with Sveta, too. She is very wise and simply lovely person, and when later I met her boyfriend Karel, I saw, that perfect couples exist.

Today I’d like to share with you our Winter series we shot in Marianske udoli in Brno. Hope these photos will beautify their photo album some day.

Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-002 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-003 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-004 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-005 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-006 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-007 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-008 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-010 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-011 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-012 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-013 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-014 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-015 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-016 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-017 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-018 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-019 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-020 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-021 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-022 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-023 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-024 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-025 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-026 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-027 Karel&Sveta_dina_khusainova-028

See you soon!

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