Moravia by foot: Křtiny, Rudice, Jedovnice

A few days ago my friend Yana suggested to go on a hike (not by bus or train) to see some local sights. I wonder why we didn’t figure out of this earlier. Of course, every our trip (big or small) included many kilometers spent on feet, but it was just a means to an end. This time we simply wanted to enjoy the way. We’ve planned not so big route across 3 small cities near Moravský kras – from Křtiny through Rudice to Jedovnice and one warm Saturday (on 14th May) took to the road.


Main square in Křtiny greeted us with a funfair with local sweets, souvenirs and food. It was hard to resist the temptation not to buy a fruit jelly. Again.

Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-002 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-003 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-008 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-009 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-010 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-004

Beautiful roman-catholic church of the name of the Virgin Mary in Křtiny, that was built in the beginning of the 18th century and now is one of the national cultural monuments in Czech Republic.

Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-005 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-006 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-007 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-011 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-012 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-013 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-014 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-015

After sunny and noisy Křtiny we continued our walk to north west to a little village Rudice.

Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-016 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-017 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-018 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-019 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-020

On the way to Rudice – a sand quarry near the village. This place looks like an another planet.

Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-021 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-022 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-023 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-024 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-025 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-026 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-027 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-028 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-029 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-030 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-031 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-032 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-033 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-034 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-035 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-036

Local attractions: little church, village supermarket and an old windmill.

Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-037 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-038 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-039 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-040 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-041 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-042

But the most exciting thing waited for us right “around corner” in a deep forest.

Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-043 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-044 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-045 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-046 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-047 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-048

Unbelievable place – Rudické propadání.

Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-049 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-050

One can easily call this place magical: moist cold air, stones fleeced with moss and a black hole in cliffs.

Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-051 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-052 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-053

After a quick rest we came back to the route to Jedovnice, where lovely ducks on a lake waited for us.

Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-054 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-055 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-056 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-057 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-058 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-059 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-060 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-061 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-062 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-063

Endless green fields.

Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-064 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-065 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-066 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-067 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-068 Krtiny-Jedovnice-lighthousing-069

Our route:

Screenshot 2016-05-15 23.15.39

This trip was the start of the new local travelling season full of new routes, places, acquaintancies and stories. Join us!

See you soon!

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