Moravia by foot: Babí lom and the best views

Since I started waking up very early for a work, I began to value these lazy weekends when you have a time to enjoy a breakfast and go for a walk with friends. This time we decided to visit the Babí lom watchtower, located not far away from Brno. How did I manage to ignore this place for almost 5 years?


We took a bus going from Semilasso to Lelekovice, and the entire road was only 20 minutes long. One moment you’re in Brno and the next you’re already watching amazing views.

Babi-lom-lighthousing-002 Babi-lom-lighthousing-003 Babi-lom-lighthousing-004

There is a lot of tourist marks in Lelekovice that will guide you to Babí lom.

Babi-lom-lighthousing-005 Babi-lom-lighthousing-006 Babi-lom-lighthousing-007

We were supported in our hiking by a local four-legged guide.

Babi-lom-lighthousing-008 Babi-lom-lighthousing-009 Babi-lom-lighthousing-010

City people trying to recover their breath.

Babi-lom-lighthousing-011 Babi-lom-lighthousing-012 Babi-lom-lighthousing-013 Babi-lom-lighthousing-014 Babi-lom-lighthousing-015

We are at the top! 526 meters above sea level, ladies and gentlemen. This is not Elbrus, but it’s enough for a lazy sunday trip.

Babi-lom-lighthousing-016 Babi-lom-lighthousing-017 Babi-lom-lighthousing-018 Babi-lom-lighthousing-019 Babi-lom-lighthousing-021 Babi-lom-lighthousing-022 Babi-lom-lighthousing-023 Babi-lom-lighthousing-024 Babi-lom-lighthousing-025

It’s possible to see Palava in a good weather and maybe even Austria if you’re using a binocular.

Babi-lom-lighthousing-026 Babi-lom-lighthousing-027 Babi-lom-lighthousing-028 Babi-lom-lighthousing-029 Babi-lom-lighthousing-030 Babi-lom-lighthousing-031 Babi-lom-lighthousing-032 Babi-lom-lighthousing-033 Babi-lom-lighthousing-034

Our small route:

Screenshot 2016-06-13 18.39.40 copy

The whole trip took about 4 hours – perfect for a restart before a new week. More interesting places and photo stories are coming soon!

See you soon!

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