Three girls in an almond garden in Hustopeče

A warm sunny day, a good company, quiet country trains and blooming moravian nature around – these are photographs from our little trip to almond gardens in Hustopeče. While our artist Yana was sketching spring views, me and Arina were playing photomodels. It’s good to have some self portraits once in a year, at least you can observe changes in your look. The day in Hustopeče ended up with a glass of a good moravian wine and long conversations with girls. I love to have memories like these.

hustopece-001 hustopece-002 Hustopece-dina-khusainova-003 Hustopece-dina-khusainova-004 Hustopece-dina-khusainova-005 hustopece-003 Hustopece-dina-khusainova-011 hustopece-004 Hustopece-dina-khusainova-014 Hustopece-dina-khusainova-015 Hustopece-dina-khusainova-016 Hustopece-dina-khusainova-017 Hustopece-dina-khusainova-018 Hustopece-dina-khusainova-019 Hustopece-dina-khusainova-020 Hustopece-dina-khusainova-021 Hustopece-dina-khusainova-022 Hustopece-dina-khusainova-023 Hustopece-dina-khusainova-024 Hustopece-dina-khusainova-025 Hustopece-dina-khusainova-026 Hustopece-dina-khusainova-027 Hustopece-dina-khusainova-028

See you soon!

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