Fragile Katerina

I can’t remember how we met with Katya, but I’m pretty sure that this whole thing started in social networks a few years ago, while she was living in Brno. I had been curiously studying her photographs, when she wrote to me that she’d like to see me as a model for her next photoshoot. Yes, Katya is a photographer and a great one. But she is also a very kind, polite and inspiring human being. Our first real meeting went very productive, and the photos she did are still the most unordinary portraits of me. Now she lives and works in Malta with her beautiful family, but she does appear in Brno sometimes. Our tiny series had been made when she’s been visiting Brno last year.

Katya-Lykova-dina-khusainova-001 Katya-Lykova-dina-khusainova-002 Katya-Lykova-dina-khusainova-003 Katya-Lykova-dina-khusainova-004 Katya-Lykova-dina-khusainova-005 Katya-Lykova-dina-khusainova-006 Katya-Lykova-dina-khusainova-007 Katya-Lykova-dina-khusainova-008 Katya-Lykova-dina-khusainova-009 Katya-Lykova-dina-khusainova-010 Katya-Lykova-dina-khusainova-011 Katya-Lykova-dina-khusainova-012 Katya-Lykova-dina-khusainova-013 Katya-Lykova-dina-khusainova-014

See you soon!

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