Moravia by foot: Ivančice, Dolní Kounice and A.Mucha

In midsummer last year we went on another moravian trip and visited two old beautiful cities – Ivančice and Dolní Kounice. I wanted to go there before heat, but this time it happened as it happened. But in spite of the weather, I can proudly say that there were ten of us – the largest group of friends we have ever managed to get together for our one-day trips.


We decided to took a train to Ivančice early in the morning, since we wanted to visit a few worth seeing places between those two cities and we needed more time to make it.


From the every first houses and small street we saw that Ivančice isn’t a typical small moravian town with similar buildings, squares and churches. It was different, from an old stone block paving to the most colourful downtown I’ve ever seen in South Moravia.

Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova3 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova4 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova5

Our main stop, of course, was the museum of Alphonse Mucha in Ivančice. He was a famous Czech Art Nouveau painter, and we all wanted to see the exhibition.

Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova6 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova7

I always thought that Mucha’s art exists far from ordinary daily life, but in the museum we saw not only some his sketches, paintings, but also personal things and photos. This made the artist a real person in my mind. That is why I think that there is always something personal behind every painting, and sometimes you need to know a real life story to understand specific work.


Yana was our personal guide. It’s wonderful to have an artist as a friend.

Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova9 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova10

Mucha’s photos from his journey to Russian Empire.

Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova11 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova12

Katya is inspired by Mucha’s art…

Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova13 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova14 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova15 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova16 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova17 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova18 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova19 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova20 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova21 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova22 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova23 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova24 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova25 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova26 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova27 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova28

Great view on Ivančice. The city is as bright and vivid as Mucha’s work.

Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova29 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova30 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova31 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova32

The next smaller stop was an old viadukt (a part of it). It’s over there, on the right end of the new bridge.

Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova33 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova34 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova35

We had a very picturesque walk from Ivančice to Dolní Kounice. Too bad it was too hot and sunny to fully enjoy these views.

Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova36 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova37 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova38 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova39 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova40 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova41 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova43 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova44

And we got there! Beautiful Dolní Kounice.

Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova45 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova46

Ruins of a monastery called “Rosa Coeli”

Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova47Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova50 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova51 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova53 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova56 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova58 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova59 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova60 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova61 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova62 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova63Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova64 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova65 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova67 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova68 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova69 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova70 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova71 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova72 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova73 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova74 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova75 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova76 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova77 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova78 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova79 Ivancice-Dolni-Kounice-dina-khusainova80 screenshot-2016-10-12-20-00-43-copy

The trip was vibrant enough, but I’d like to come back there before summer begins and spend in Dolní Kounice more time. The place is truly inspiring 🌿

See you soon!

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