The portrait of Gregor Dark

This spring I had a chance to visit one of quiet city districts. It is an area with many cottages, hidden streets, small shops and cafes, a forest and a river. The atmosphere of the place was whispering to me: “You should take photos here”. And I didn’t resist.

I found Gregor right after that in VK (russian social network) and didn’t hesitated to write him a message immediately, because to me he seemed to be a very photogenic person. Besides he is a talented one. He writes amazing poems and adds perfectly suitable pictures to them. So we decided to go to that small “peaceful island” together to create portraits of him. The time we spent together flew very quickly, but we managed to make enough portraits until sunset 🌔

gregor-dina-khusainova-001 gregor-dina-khusainova-002 gregor-dina-khusainova-003 gregor-dina-khusainova-004 gregor-dina-khusainova-007 gregor-dina-khusainova-008 gregor-dina-khusainova-009 gregor-dina-khusainova-010 gregor-dina-khusainova-011 gregor-dina-khusainova-005 gregor-dina-khusainova-006

See you soon!

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