A windy shoot with Leisan

This is an interesting thing, that only after I moved to Czechia, I started meeting more Tatars than I was in Russia. And with Leisan, right from the very first minute, I had a feeling that we’ll always have something to talk or gossip about. And our photoshoot was more like a nice conversation. Though it was very warm and cozy in her apartment, we had to rush outside to take a few autumnal portraits. The weather on that day was quite cold and it was also pretty windy. I don’t know whether it’s visible in those photos, but our faces were literally frozen after being outside for an hour. But guys, just look at his beauty!

Leysan-dina-khusainova-003 Leysan-dina-khusainova-004 Leysan-dina-khusainova-005Leysan-dina-khusainova-008 Leysan-dina-khusainova-009 Leysan-dina-khusainova-011Leysan-dina-khusainova-013 Leysan-dina-khusainova-014 Leysan-dina-khusainova-015 Leysan-dina-khusainova-016 Leysan-dina-khusainova-017 Leysan-dina-khusainova-018 Leysan-dina-khusainova-019 Leysan-dina-khusainova-020 Leysan-dina-khusainova-021

Love, Dina.

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