Moravia by foot: from Lednice to Valtice

For a very long time I was thinking about organizing a hike somewhere around this area. I’ve visited Lednice a lot of times already. And I’d say this is one of the most beautiful places in South Moravia. However, I had no idea there are so many hidden gems located between Lednice and Valtice. Since this area is quite popular among local people and visitors, there was plenty of information online that I could use for planning a trip. My plan was pretty simple: we’d get to Lednice by train/bus and follow the hiking trail to Valtice (see a map with the route attached in the end of the article).


If you are travelling in South Moravia, it’s possible that you would see the Palava hills from the distance. By the way, we already visited Palava two years ago. You can <strong>see more here.


There are several ways of getting from Brno to Lednice. We chose one that led us through Břeclav, another nice Czech city.

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We got off the bus right before entering the city of Lednice, because visiting it could have taken a lot of time, but our main goal was to walk from one place to another and admire the beauty of the trail. But if you are curious to see more of Lednice, I’d recommend you to look at my older articles:
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And right at the start of the trail – the temple of Apollo.


In warm weather, all tourist trails are filled with cyclists, so we were almost the only hikers that day.

dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-008 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-009 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-010 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-011 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-012 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-013 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-014

After a while, we happened to be on a spacious field with beautiful Empire style building. Now they keep horses there, but there is also a possibility for tired walkers to take a break and enjoy a glass of cold soda here at a local bar.

dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-015 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-016 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-017

And, finally, the long-awaited waypoint Temple of the Three Graces, in front of which there is a sculpture of three goddesses: Athena, Aphrodite and Artemis. Ah, the 19th century…

dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-018 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-019 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-020

Very close to the temple, in a cool forest, the chapel of St. Hubert is hidden.

dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-021 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-022

Unexpectedly, leaving the forest, we got to a small performance of hunting traditions and decided to join the rest of the audience and also listen to these magical sounds. The building itself is a miniature palace Rendezvous (or the temple of Diana, the goddess of hunting).

dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-023 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-024 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-025 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-026 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-027

Then we had to walk several kilometers in the scorching sun, but one thing was calming and motivating us – the city of Valtice was already visible ahead.

dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-028 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-029 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-030 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-031 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-032

I did not flatter myself with any high expectations related Valtice, because all that stood before my eyes was the famous palace seen in the photographs. But how nice it is to be open to things and be pleasantly surprised after getting to a new place.

dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-033 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-034 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-035 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-036 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-037 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-038 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-039 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-040 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-041 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-042 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-043 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-044 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-045 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-046 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-047 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-048 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-049 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-050 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-051 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-052 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-053 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-054 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-055 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-056

The beginning of Autumn is a mesmerising time.

dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-057 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-058 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-059 dina-khusainova-lednice-valtice-060 Screenshot 2016-09-04 22.57.16 copy

Now, when I see all these sunny photographs, I realize how much I miss our hikes. Can’t wait to start a new season! Spring is coming!

Love, Dina.

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