To wake up in Oloumouc

You’ll be longing for waking up in this city over and over again, no matter what weather is outside. I have never lived in Olomouc for long, just stayed here twice in a hostel and visited the city for one-day journeys a couple times. But each trip was different, like if I’ve been to different place every time.

Last year we came to Olomouc once again to participate in The Empire Day event organized by Jane Austen CZ club (I posted a note about the event with a plenty of photographs).

After the event we slept in a very lovely hostel full of antique furniture, decorations, books and small things (from all over the world I guess). After having a cozy breakfast in a cozy kitchen, we went on a long lazy walk through the city. Streets were covered with sunlight, and it was so quiet that morning, that one wouldn’t never believe Olomouc is a popular touristic city. Lucky us.


Corners of the Cozy Corner hostel

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Following the recommendations given in a tourist map, we went to an extremely cute french style cafe La Fee.

empire-day-dina-khusainova-067 empire-day-dina-khusainova-068 empire-day-dina-khusainova-069 empire-day-dina-khusainova-070

I visit this church tower every time when I’m in Olomouc. You are able to see every tiny building from this viewing point.

empire-day-dina-khusainova-071 empire-day-dina-khusainova-072 empire-day-dina-khusainova-073 empire-day-dina-khusainova-074 empire-day-dina-khusainova-075 empire-day-dina-khusainova-076 empire-day-dina-khusainova-077 empire-day-dina-khusainova-078 empire-day-dina-khusainova-079 empire-day-dina-khusainova-080 empire-day-dina-khusainova-081 empire-day-dina-khusainova-082 empire-day-dina-khusainova-083 empire-day-dina-khusainova-084 empire-day-dina-khusainova-085 empire-day-dina-khusainova-086 empire-day-dina-khusainova-087 empire-day-dina-khusainova-088 empire-day-dina-khusainova-089 empire-day-dina-khusainova-090 empire-day-dina-khusainova-091 empire-day-dina-khusainova-092 empire-day-dina-khusainova-093 empire-day-dina-khusainova-094

Hope to see you soon, dear Olomouc!

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