Moravia on foot: when you can’t get enough of Hardegg

A trip to Hardegg is one of the two trips we managed to organize before the quarantine started in March this year. Prior to that, we had already visited Hardegg three times:

our first visit to Hardegg
trip to Hardegg with a childhood friend in 2015
visiting Hardegg in a bigger group in 2018

Every visit to this Austrian town feels like an entirely new adventure. Usually we repeat our routes not because we want to see the same landscapes again, but because we want to experience and share it with more people. This particular trip was quite spontaneous. Initially, we were planning to go there with my German friends Stefan and Anna, but then I thought it would be a pity to miss an opportunity to show this place to other friends.

We started the morning at the bus station in Brno. Our trips rarely begin here because most well-known tourist towns are accessible by train. But to get to Hardegg, we had to take a bus to Znojmo first and then hop on a local bus that took us to a small village on the border with Austria. From there we had to walk about 5 km, and the reward was so worth it!

If you want to find out more about the remains of the “Iron curtain”, I recommend you to look at my previous blog posts dedicated to Hardegg.

We couldn’t miss taking a break at this view point and have a quick lunch here.

The official border between the Czech Republic and Austria in this area runs through the middle of the river.

Upon entering the town, you are unlikely to see tourists lingering as they often head straight to the Thayatal national park.

Memories of this trip are still very fresh, details are remembered, the weather and people’s voices are recalled. It seems like it happened just last weekend, but between that February day and today’s July, it’s as if an eternity has passed.

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